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Saturday 30th of May 2015

BP hopes to contain oil spill within a week

BP hopes to contain oil spill within a week

Oil giant BP said it may be able to stop the flow of oil, which is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, permanently within a week.

As the disaster enters its 24th day, a statement on the company’s website said it had been successful in inserting a tube into the leaking well and capturing some oil and gas.

The underwater operation used guided robots to insert the 21-inch pipe, known as a riser, to funnel the oil to a ship at the surface.

BP senior executive vice president Kent Wells said: “It’s working as planned and we are very slowly increasing the rate that is coming from the riser tool up to the surface. So we do have oil and gas coming to the ship now.”

The disaster started after an explosion on a BP oil rig on 20 April, which left 11 workers dead.

Two days later, oil began to leak into the Gulf of Mexico from the damaged well and oil major BP has been battling to contain the leak, which has cost the company in the region of $450 million (£305 million) to date.

The spill is set to become the worst environmental disaster in US history.


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